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Armoured Vehicles Middle East - Trends & Analysis Report 2016

Defence IQ’s Armoured Vehicles Middle East - Trends & Analysis Report 2016 is now available to download without charge.This report offers a digestible guide to the latest AV market trends in the Middle East including a comparison with the world at large and the perspectives of industry professionals and military personnel within this... Read More

Armoured Vehicles Middle East Market Research & Requirements Report 2016

The Middle East, together with the APAC region, is expected to boost vehicle procurement volumes significantly over the next ten years and offset anticipated reductions in the US and Europe. The Middle East accounts for over 10.% of armoured vehicle fleets in the world, with active procurement programmes in Algeria, Bahrain, Iraq, Israel, Libya,... Read More

Flexible Armoured Vehicle Fleets and Regional Coalition Vital to Combat Daesh Threat in the Middle East

In this article, Defence IQ analyses the role of flexible armoured vehicle fleets and regional coalition in the fight to combat Daesh in the Middle... Read More

Future MENA Armoured Vehicle Requirements

“The continuing evolution of regular and asymmetric threats, from both state and non-state actors, threatens the ability of MENA’s armed forces to continue projecting capabilities; this also poses a threat in the delivering of security and stability in a region severely lacking both. Traditionally MENA military capabilities are either viewed... Read More

Middle Eastern Armoured Vehicles Annual Update

The Middle-East accounts for over 15.8 per cent of the world fleet (23,511), with active procurement programmes in Bahrain, Iraq, Israel, Libya, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and increased spending on armoured vehicles forecast until at least the end of the decade. When it comes to the armoured vehicles market, the Middle Eastern market... Read More